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Medicine Access Roche Australia

Driving better healthcare access across Australia. A collaboration between Seanasol Research, HR Wallingford and Kapsule.

We are in a joint venture with Roche Australia and Deloitte through the Gravity Challenge 03 to develop equitable, resilient and sustainable healthcare innovation for deployment in Australia, before taking our solution to the wider context of Roche’s international activities. We do this by combining expertise knowledge of healthcare design and supply chain surveillance.

Adding space technology capabilities to our innovative solution, we can use real-time data to analyse and predict factors that can cause healthcare blockades and prevent access to patient medicines. The avenues that we are considering will help People, Providers and Pharmacies manage their medicines as they are in transit and to make sure that patients get the right medicine, at the right time.

Company Roche Australia* Deloitte* Kapsule Ltd. HR Wallingford Ltd.

Date Accepted October 2021

Roles Consortium Director: Dr Emmanuel G Escobar (Seanasol Research) Business Lead: Mr David Chen (Kapsule) Product Lead: Mr Hannan Hashmi (Kapsule) Data Lead: Mr Sam James (HR Wallingford) Research Lead: Dr Kwadjo Ahodo

Current Activities

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