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Selected to with Roche Australia

After much discussion with our network, we successfully pitched a solution to the GRAVITY Challenge 03 and are working together with Roche, Spire and AWS to bring this solution closer to the market.

We formed a project consortium, which consists of the expertise of 5 pillars, lead by Samuel James (on behalf of HR Wallingford), David Chen (, Kwadjo Ahodo, Julio C Gonzalez-Saenz, and Emmanuel Gonzalez-Escobar leading the team throughout the challenge.

We are focusing our solution on taking a multidisciplinary approach to solving one of the greatest challenges we face today. Equitable and safe delivery of medicines to those in need. We aim to built robust models to improve the transit of medicines through a country’s supply chain.

The avenues that we are considering will help People, Providers and Pharmacies manage their medicines as they are in transit and to make sure that patients get the right medicine, at the right time.

Our pillar leaders will take the responsibility of using their expertise to help deliver a solution that is applicable for Roche, Australia, before helping to transform supply chains worldwide. Our pillars will focus on satellite data technology and forecasting, healthcare supply chains, cost-resource management, IoT and Networking, and environmental and sociological research. We are one of the few teams in the GRAVITY Challenge this year with a wide range of skills and interests.


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