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Our Policy

This page summarises our company and services policies. Should you need more information or unsure about any of the items below, please contact us at If you are looking for our Privacy Policy,  see here instead.

User Statement

Seanasol Research CIC ("we", "us", "our") runs a dynamic website and our content is subject to change without notice. Communication is very important to us, however, we also want to protect intellectual property of original contributors, stakeholders, and external collaborators. Seanasol Research does not accept liability for information presented on this website that is or may seem incomplete. All material shared on this website is labelled as general information and you should not rely on this as a basis of making business and or legal decisions. Any attempt to do so will be at your own risk and Seanasol Research will not accept responsibility for any loss of business and/or loss of profits. Content created for the Academy is labelled as open-access and users are permitted to share and re-use, but should give credit to the original author and link back to original source.   

Issues relating to your experience on our website and its content can be directed to our Webmaster at


Website Content

The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original authors and other contributors (i.e. forum members) and does not necessarily represent those of Seanasol Research. If you have issues with any post please contact us so we can try to resolve it as best as possible. 


All files that are available to download from this website have been uploaded to the secure file management system. We, however, cannot guarantee that downloading files will work every occasion, due to issues outside our control. We will not take responsibility for issues when downloading files and documents, including but not limited to, corrupted or damaged files, unable to open files due to software or hardware limitations and slowing or crashing your device during or after downloads.


Content produced by Seanasol Research is subject to U.K. and some international copyright laws. Reproduction, editing or distribution require written permission from the original author or webmaster. Downloading content from this website (including original images, schematics, blogs) is permitted for personal reference only. The use of content on this website for commercial purposes strictly requires written permission from the original author or webmaster, and must be appropriately referenced. For full details regarding applicable copyright, refer our Creative Content Policy.

Some images posted on this website have been obtained under the Non-Commercial Creative Commons Licence and the appropriate attribution is given when available and/or applicable. This information can be found at the bottom of each webpage or below any image.


User Communications

Users can interact with this website via comments sections, the forum, or via contact forms. We encourage that users to freely express their ideas and remain respectful towards other members and their posts. We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate and offensive remarks against any other user or activity that targets a specific race, religion, culture, ideology, sexual orientation, and/or gender. 


Attending Events & Courses

We have a zero-tolerance policy for abusive and/or disruptive behaviour that may cause distress or harm to our audience. Our moderator will remind everyone at the start of the session of our policy, and notify anyone who is acting inappropriately. Those who do not adhere to this policy will be kicked and banned from participating in other sessions. We reserve the right to hold any personal information of anyone who becomes disruptive and/or abusive and/or poses direct or indirect harm to anyone and pass their information to local authorities.


Seanasol Academy Procedures & Standards

The content in the Seanasol Academy is labelled as open-access and accessed via our website after logging in as a member. We provide these resources free of charge to meet our company ethos. Users are permitted to copy and re-use the content where necessary, but we kindly ask that the original author(s) are properly referenced and the link to the original publication is shared in all materials. The Academy will also share previous recorded events such as online classes and workshops, which are also available on our public YouTube channel. 

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