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Seanasol Research is a Community Interest Company operating in the United Kingdom formed of scientists and engineers. We have adopted an Earth-first business model for sustainability, which means that innovations tailored for Space settlements must first need to be built for applications on Earth. This ensures that we assess challenges in a way that solutions benefit people on Earth, and progressively build the infrastructure to communities in Space. Under our gateway to collaboration ideology, Seanasol Research is the gatekeeper of the collaborative space and facilitates business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists establish long-lasting partnerships. We are continually expanding into other industries, which places us in the unique position as one of the few Space advocacy companies that operates under a multidisciplinary leadership. 



Seanasol Universe is the collection of the learning resources we develop, outputs from our various research projects, and community assets that we worked on that will be used to inform current projects on Earth and future projects in Space. But it encompasses more than that; it is everything that passes through the hands of the Seanasol Research team and may come from our network or members of our community. Everyone working on Seanasol Research projects, individuals or companies within our extensive network and past collaborators are all part of the Seanasol Universe. 

Our primary focus is to build stronger communities on Earth, deliver innovation for better access to healthcare, appreciate individuals’ role in social order, and use all this information to predict future events are just some examples of how the quality of life on Earth can be improved. And thus, build a vision of this in Space settlements, where equality, freedom, and a sense of community unites people. It is our mission to strengthen the bonds and connections between individuals, to impose a sense of duty and responsibility to each inhabitant of Space settlements, to manage healthcare systems, governments or aid for the collective good of the society and open the system for new ideas. And of course, the duty to protect the environment. However, our role in Space expansion is secondary to our planned impact for communities on Earth.


We are a company that focuses almost entirely on education and the value we return to our community. We want people to acknowledge that it will not only be the aerospace engineers that will facilitate our venture into Space, but also about the biologists, medical professionals, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and support workers. We believe that it is about increasing the potential of a single discipline, to make it adaptable to emerging industries and make people (mainly students) appreciate that they can take their skills to new jobs sectors.




We aim to create the niche for space expansion scientists, business leaders, and members of the broader community to drive innovation that improves the quality of life on Earth and builds the infrastructure to future Space settlements.


Our Responsibilities

1. To offer consumer Services to members of our community.
We have experience in a wide array of areas and we want to share these with individuals that want to learn and expand their skill set. 

2. To develop Online Tools that will facilitate distance learning.
We want to work with individuals who are passionate about creating tools that are freely accessible to students.

3. To conduct scientific Research, and foster collaborations between business leaders and scientists.
We want to create new knowledge to share with others and envision solutions for the greater good of our society. 

4. To make an Impact and lead Outreach campaigns.
As a Community Interest Company, we have an obligation to continually engage with our community.

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